Why Cloud – Technically Speaking.

imagesIn today’s highly automated, technology-driven economy, business success has become inextricably linked to IT capabilities.

Applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server®, and Oracle/SAP based Application serve a wide range of critical business functions that include communication, knowledge management, collaboration, and day-to-day operational activities.

However, the legacy IT infrastructure that has grown up over time in most companies is not compatible with today’s flat or declining IT budgets.

Many SMEs are investing in consolidation and virtualization to tackle issues such as: Application and infrastructure sprawl, Unsustainable IT costs, Complex management, Poor availability and Inability to grow and adapt with business demands.

It is critical for midsize enterprises to consolidate their Windows environments and Microsoft applications to increase server and storage utilization, reduce infrastructure and software costs, and contain spending on space, power, and cooling.

In the typical one-workload-per-physical- server architecture, servers and software licenses are underutilized, infrastructure administration is inefficient, and IT can be slow to meet changing business needs.

While consolidating servers and applications is an important step, it is not a complete solution. Because Windows data has become increasingly critical for day-to-day operations, highly available and secure data storage is becoming a top priority.

However, in most Windows environments, data is scattered across a variety of devices such as direct-attached storage (DAS) connected to file and applications servers, network attached storage (NAS), and iSCSI and/or Fibre Channel storage area networks (SANs). Such a segregated storage environment further complicates management and contributes to application downtime.

Only by consolidating and virtualizing applications, servers, and storage can you create a Windows IT environment that will meet your needs now and in the future.


Big – Data – Bang Theory

imagesThe big data explosion has made customers unconscious consultants as our purchases, google searches are tracked; facebook and twitter updates considered to improve everything from Govt services to product advertising and other service offerings.

The amount of data in our businesses has been growing exponentially over the years, and analyzing large data sets—so-called big data—will become a key basis of competition, underpinning new waves of productivity growth, innovation and in turn improving a company’s bottom line.

Today’s businesses will measure their activities and customer relationships with unprecedented accuracy. As a result, they are packed with data. Data of Items purchased will give precisely targeted insights into consumer behavior. Every time you shop at Nakumatt or Tuskys, your transactions are stored in a database. Nakumatt will later on mine the database to discover new buying patterns.

As a customer I want the places I shop at to offer me special offers on things I buy regularly. I want them to notice and at the same time wonder why, when I don’t shop there for a while.

As a customer on the internet, I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I will use, OLX, Cheki.co.ke & Google trader without hesitation.  On the other, It gets kinda creepy when a product I’ve looked at on a website starts stalking me around the internet.

Nevertheless, I tentatively support the big data analytics moving forward, gathering consumer data can be useful and is far more valuable when coupled with constant experimentation and sharing of insights.

Likewise, the value of undertaking experiments like Nakumatt’s “blue label” is greater if a company capitalizes on these experiments in more locations and at greater scale. These practices promote a new kind of R&D that draws on the strengths that drive speedy innovation.

Legacy Software Vendors Vs Cloud Based Players (Software as a Service)

Whether you call the cloud sexy, cool or still super nerdy, there is no denying that this space is hot. There’s no shortage of headlines in the Business Daily these days that cover the surge in business technology — many of which pit legacy systems and emerging cloud systems against each other in a heated battle for the future of the modern business.

Legacy system vendors such as Microsoft, IBM & Oracle conduct business through local installations, licensing deals, big upfront investments, maintenance & consulting fees.

Whereas Cloud-based players do business through multi-tenant architectures & monthly subscriptions. The cloud is an entirely new way of thinking (about costs)

Moving pieces of a decades-old organization to a subscription-based cloud model is a big deal. Not only does it shift how you budget for IT (not an insignificant adjustment), but it also changes expectations set for investors, capital requirements and financial-planning objectives.

Cloud vendors have built their products to use resources much more efficiently than legacy players. Generally resulting in lower Total Cost of Ownership due to the economies of scale created by shared infrastructure and distributed overall users.

Instead of the traditional software model in which every customer is forced to buy tens or hundreds of computers to run the software, cloud vendors run their services with a tiny fraction of the overall hardware legacy customers must buy.

Cloud technologies also save millions of shillings in unnecessary installations, configurations and software upgrades that on-premise set-ups require.

Software sold by legacy providers and cloud players may look similar in terms of user interface and bulleted features on marketing collateral. However, if you go one step further to dig into their respective technology and business models, you’ll realise where you’re better off.



Thursday evening, caught in the murk of heavy traffic,

A driver beat me to the punch and overlapped while i slacked,

Tired from a days work, my head, worked and cracked,

i remained on some spot that i had for long parked,

my throat begging to be quenched of it’s thirst,

my mind engrossed by nothing else but a cold beer,

i stayed calm and after a long while i was home at last,

Entered my house, turned on the radio and sunk in my couch,

Loosened my tie, removed my shoes and grabbed a shut eye.

Moment’s later, there’s a knock at my door…

george, you there? a womans voice called.

a woman!, at this hour of the night?

i’ll be there in a jiffy, i said.

opened the door and what do you know?

it’s the girl i met at the cocktail party.

sarah, she’s a beauty, curvy body and with eyes that kill,

she looked at me, licked her lips sexy and put up a toothy grin,

aren’t you going to let me in?

sure thing sweety, to what do i owe this visit?

a night full of passion in your bath tub,

i dropped a jaw in utter dismay and pinched myself.

she put her hands against the wall and told me to frisk her,

just like the sleuths do.

i pressed and rubbed myself against her apple bottom,

asked her if she felt my gun as i explored and squeezed her tits,

searching for imaginary weapons in all the right places,

tore her clothes as i seeked and plunge deeper,

she tore mine and we both fell down to the carpet,

i dipped myself, she let it sunk, grabbed tight pulled and scratched,

she moaned, i moaned, we cried harmoniously, climax.

worked and killed that lady like a slave owner,

just when i was about to let my seed into her,

my phone alarm rung, i woke up and snoozed it 10 minutes ahead,

took off my shoes, stretched myself on my couch and continued continued,

getting lost in reverie.

I’d like to make a toast

Fellow school mates would be and already masters of the universe, maestri of words and pied pipers of our times, beautiful writers and quenching poets, the beauty in creation and artful works of the Almighty, ladies and gentlemen. I call this imaginary toast to mark my exit from KUC and entry into the real world. During the time i joined this campus till now, i have made as good as over a hundred friends and still counting. Some of whom I have, shared times with, down in memory lane; we lost each other for years and reunited in this very campus. Some of whom, I have met through my circle of friends and other connections. Some of whom I’ve met while at the club, student’s center, computer lab and games pitch. Some of whom I schooled with in college. some of whom I met through the ‘mutual friends’ soft key in my pc or mobile phone screen while on Facebook.

However way we met and ended up being friends, doesn’t matter… all that does is that we’ve lived here together, KUC. So this is from me to you; my roomy and the usual suspects that i be with, friends that I don’t get the pleasure of meeting every day for a favorite past time thing, around the corner, pow-wow or friends that I haven’t mustered the gut to tell how I feel in person but say hi whenever we pass each other by. Even though words get cold sometimes and we don’t get to hook up for chit chat, whatever the case, nawapenda wote and I have, piled in my facebook inbox and congested in my fb status updates, mentions at twitter, exchanged pleasantries and a couple cherished bundles of laughs to show for it. For those who visit my room, buy me beer, compliment, share a couple of really funny jokes, I’d like to say a big thank you and may the Almighty bless you in all your endeavors, you’ve been so good to me.

For those whom we started off as a spark then to a ‘checking up on each other’ note but sadly ended up dry for words… I never intended for it to be that way and even though it takes two to tango… my heart is still open for you, for as long as you want. Nostalgia of the moments we exchanged is my killer and will forever be. For those that I have beef with, let’s put down our double edged words for swords to at least share this moment; tomorrow will be business as usual if it makes your cup of coffee. For those that have never said anything to me and still school with me, for the love of humanity; do something if you please, to this to this moment.

Tonight, parting with my last shot… in this very blog, I’d like us to raise our imaginary drinks high to the beautiful chandelier of this imaginary ball room… whether you’re at your room on opera mini, at Ben’s place waiting for food, at your favorite seat at the comp lab or walking with your head bent to your mobile phone…wherever you may be… let’s make a vow to make this friendship last forever, to meet out there and make as much merry as we can. As our imaginary glasses of sparkling champagne clatter… I wish I’d hold this feeling forever… this is to our friendship, Cheers!